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mr president,

prince philip and i would like to thank you and frau schadt for the warm welcome you havegiven us at the start of our fifth state visit to germany. in the 50 years since our first visit, ourcountries have lived through many profound changes. i am very glad to record that one of theirreversible changes for the better in my lifetime has been in the relationship between theunited kingdom and germany.

mr president, it falls to a head of state to lead a nation in the marking of anniversaries. everymonth this year we commemorate either the centenary of a momentous event in the firstworld war; the 70th anniversary of a milestone at the end of the second world war; or, herein germany, 25 years of reunification following the fall of the wall which divided this city andthis nation for so long.

but, tonight, i would also like to cast back rather further in time. last week in a water-meadow by the river thames, i attended an event to celebrate the 800th anniversary of themagna carta. of course, in common with other events in our remote history, the precise factsof 1215 are disputed. the consequences of the agreement between king john and his barons,however, are not disputed: for the first time we established in england that no man should beabove the law and that individuals as well as rulers have rights. thus began the long, slow andinterrupted process of our country"s evolution into a democracy.

tomorrow i shall visit st paul"s church, where the first freely-elected legislature in germanymet in 1848. the frankfurt parliament turned out to be a false dawn; it took another centuryand the loss of the most terrible wars in history to set germany on the path of democracy.

earlier this year my cousins visited germany to mark with you, mr president, more recent andpainful anniversaries. the duke of kent visited dresden and the duke of gloucester visitedbergen-belsen. i myself shall visit bergen-belsen on friday. these visits underline the completereconciliation between our countries.

germany has reconciled with all her neighbours. i pay tribute to the work of the germanstatesmen since the second world war who reinvented germany and helped to rebuild europe.i met chancellor adenauer at windsor in 1958. he rejected the idea of a neutral germany,preferring to anchor germany in the west. his successors took up the challenge of unitinggermany as a member of all the institutions of europe and the west.

since 1945 the united kingdom has determined to number among germany"s very strongestfriends in europe. in the intervening decades, britain and germany have achieved so much byworking together. i have every confidence that we will continue to do so in the years ahead.

since berlin and germany were reunited there has been much to celebrate. today i cruisedwith you, mr president, along the spree. i saw fewer cranes than when i was last here in 2024.but still the most magnificent element of berlin"s skyline is the reichstag dome, an enduringreminder of our cultural cooperation. our work together includes every part of life, frompolitics to commerce, from industry to every aspect of the arts, in particular, music,museums and education.

we also saw a wonderful e_ample of partnership in education and science during our visit to thetechnical university this afternoon. the enthusiasm and interest our students and youngpeople have for each other"s ideas and work is our greatest asset: the ne_t generation is at easewith itself and with contemporaries across europe in a way that was never the case before.

the united kingdom has always been closely involved in its continent. even when our mainfocus was elsewhere in the world, our people played a key part in europe. in the nineteenthcentury in the russian empire a welsh engineer called john hughes founded a mining townwhich is now donetsk in ukraine. and in the seventeenth century a scottish publican calledrichard cant moved his family to pomerania; his son moved further east to memel and hisgrandson then moved south to k?nigsberg, where richard"s great-grandson, immanuel kant,was born.

in our lives, mr president, we have seen the worst but also the best of our continent. we havewitnessed how quickly things can change for the better. but we know that we must work hardto maintain the benefits of the post-war world. we know that division in europe is dangerousand that we must guard against it in the west as well as in the east of our continent. thatremains a common endeavour.

ladies and gentlemen, i ask you to rise and drink a toast to the president and the people ofgermany.

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my lords and members of the house of commons,

my government’s legislative programme will continue to deliver on its long-term plan to builda stronger economy and a fairer society.

to strengthen the economy and provide stability and security, my ministers will continue toreduce the country’s deficit, helping to ensure that mortgage and interest rates remain low.

an updated charter for budget responsibility will be brought forward to ensure that futuregovernments spend ta_payers’ money responsibly.

my government will also continue to cut ta_es in order to increase people’s financial security.

my ministers will implement measures to increase further the personal allowance and tofreeze fuel duty.

measures will be brought forward for a married couple’s allowance, which will recognisemarriage in the ta_ system.

legislation will be introduced to help make the united kingdom the most attractive place tostart, finance and grow a business. the bill will support small businesses by cuttingbureaucracy and enabling them to access finance.

new legislation will require ministers to set and report on a deregulation target for eachparliament. the legislation will also reduce delays in employment tribunals, improve thefairness of contracts for low paid workers and establish a public register of companybeneficial ownership. legislation will be introduced to provide for a new statutory code andan adjudicator to increase fairness for public house tenants.

legislation will impose higher penalties on employers who fail to pay their staff the minimumwage. measures will be brought forward to limit e_cessive redundancy payments across thepublic sector.

in respect of national insurance contributions, legislation will be brought forward to tackleavoidance and to simplify their collection from the self-employed.

my government will introduce a bill to bolster investment in infrastructure and reformplanning law to improve economic competitiveness. the bill will enhance the unitedkingdom’s energy independence and security by opening up access to shale and geothermalsites and ma_imising north sea resources. legislation will allow for the creation of an allowablesolutions scheme to enable all new homes to be built to a zero carbon standard and willguarantee long-term investment in the road network.

my government will continue to implement major reforms to the electricity market and reducethe use of plastic carrier bags to help protect the environment.

a key priority for my ministers will be to continue to build an economy that rewards those whowork hard.

legislation will be brought forward to give those who have saved discretion over the use oftheir retirement funds. my government’s pension reforms will also allow for innovation in theprivate pensions market to give greater control to employees, e_tend the isa and premiumbond schemes and abolish the savers’ 10 pence ta_ rate.

the overall benefits bill will continue to be capped so that public e_penditure continues to becontrolled and policies will be pursued so people are helped from welfare to work.

my government will increase housing supply and home ownership by reforming the planningsystem, enabling new locally-led garden cities and supporting small house building firms.

legislation will be brought forward to sell high value government land, encouragingdevelopment and increasing housing.

my ministers will continue to promote the help to buy and right to buy schemes to supporthome ownership.

my government will continue to deliver the best schools and skills for young people. in england,my ministers will help more schools to become academies and support more free schools toopen, whilst continuing investment to deliver more school places. further reforms to gcses anda levels will be taken forward to raise standards in schools and prepare school pupils foremployment. my government will increase the total number of apprenticeship places to 2million by the end of the parliament.

my government will continue to work to build a fairer society.

to improve education attainment and child health, my government will ensure all infants willreceive a free school meal. free childcare will be e_tended to more of the most disadvantaged2-year-olds and a bill will be introduced to help working families with childcare costs.

a bill will be introduced to strengthen the powers to prevent modern slavery and humantrafficking whilst improving support for victims of such crimes. a bill will be brought forward toprovide that where a person acts heroically, responsibly or for the benefit of others, this will betaken into account by the courts.

legislation will be introduced to improve the complaints system in the armed forces throughthe creation of an ombudsman.

a serious crime bill will be brought forward to tackle child neglect, disrupt serious organisedcrime and strengthen powers to seize the proceeds of crime.

my government will continue its programme of political reform.

my ministers will introduce legislation on the recall of members of parliament.

my government will continue to implement new financial powers for the scottish parliamentand make the case for scotland to remain a part of the united kingdom.

my ministers will continue with legislation giving the national assembly for wales and welshministers more power over ta_ation and investment.

my government will continue to work with the devolved administration in northern ireland torebalance the economy, promote reconciliation and create a shared future.

draft legislation will be published providing for direct elections to national park authorities inengland.

members of the house of commons.

estimates for the public services will be laid before you.

my lords and members of the house of commons.

the united kingdom will work for peace and security on europe’s borders, and for stablerelations between russia and ukraine based on respect for national sovereignty, territorialintegrity and international law.

my government will host the nato summit in wales as a sign of the united kingdom’scommitment to the alliance.

my ministers will strive to improve the humanitarian situation in syria, to reduce violence andpromote a political settlement. it will work for a successful transition in afghanistan, and willwork towards a comprehensive nuclear agreement with iran.

the united kingdom will lead efforts to prevent se_ual violence in conflict worldwide.

my government will work to promote reform in the european union, including a stronger rolefor member states and national parliaments. my ministers will also champion efforts to securea global agreement on climate change.

prince philip and i will pay a state visit to france and will attend events to mark the 70thanniversary of the d-day landings.

we look forward to welcoming his e_cellency the president of the republic of singapore on hisforthcoming state visit.

other measures will be laid before you.

my lords and members of the house of commons.

i pray that the blessing of almighty god may rest upon your counsels.

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every year, this christmas party is held for the children of the people living in the mews ofbuckingham palace. everyone seems to be enjoying it. usually, we"re lucky with the weather,but tonight it seems a bit more like a typical english winter. the children have been waiting forthe usual buildup of e_citement and e_pectation for father christmas to arrive, no doubt,wondering what he"s brought with him in his sack.

for the children, the party and the meeting with father christmas are perhaps the moste_citing part of the evening.

but i hope that a walk through the stables also helps to bring the traditional story alive forthem. i hope it also helps them to realise how fortunate they are to have comfortable homesand warm beds to go to, unlike the holy family, who had to share with the animals becausethere was no room at the inn.

christmas is a festival for all christians, but it is particularly a festival for children. as we allknow, it commemorates the birth of a child, who was born to ordinary people, and who grew upvery simply in his own small home town and was trained to be a carpenter.

his life thus began in humble surroundings, in fact, in a stable, but he was to have aprofound influence on the course of history, and on the lives of generations of his followers.you don"t have to be rich or powerful in order to change things for the better and each of us inour own way can make a contribution.

the infant jesus was fortunate in one very important respect. his parents were loving andconsiderate. they did their utmost to protect him from harm. they left their own home andbecame refugees to save him from king herod, and they brought him up according to thetraditions of their faith.

on this birthday festival, which we try to make an occasion of happiness for our own families,we must not forget those children who are the victims of ill treatment or neglect.

it is no easy task to care for and bring up children, whatever your circumstances – whether youare famous or quite unknown. but we could all help by letting the spirit of christmas fill ourhomes with love and care and by heeding our lord"s injunction to treat others as you wouldlike them to treat you.

when, as the bible says, christ grew in wisdom and understanding, he began his task ofe_plaining and teaching just what it is that god wants from us.

the two lessons that he had for us, which he underlined in everything he said and did, are themessages of god"s love and how essential it is that we, too, should love other people.

there are many serious and threatening problems in this country and in the world, but theywill never be solved until there is peace in our homes and love in our hearts.

the message which god sent us by christ"s life and e_ample is a very simple one, even thoughit seems so difficult to put into practice.

to all of you, of every faith and race, i send my best wishes for a time of peace and tranquilitywith your families at this festival of christmas. a very happy christmas to you all.

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i once knew someone who spent a year in a plaster cast recovering from an operation onhis back. he read a lot, and thought a lot, and felt miserable.

later, he realised this time of forced retreat from the world had helped him to understandthe world more clearly.

we all need to get the balance right between action and reflection. with so manydistractions, it is easy to forget to pause and take stock. be it through contemplation,prayer, or even keeping a diary, many have found the practice of quiet personal reflectionsurprisingly rewarding, even discovering greater spiritual depth to their lives.

reflection can take many forms. when families and friends come together at christmas, it’soften a time for happy memories and reminiscing. our thoughts are with those we have lovedwho are no longer with us. we also remember those who through doing their duty cannot be athome for christmas, such as workers in essential or emergency services.

and especially at this time of year we think of the men and women serving overseas in ourarmed forces. we are forever grateful to all those who put themselves at risk to keep us safe.

service and duty are not just the guiding principles of yesteryear; they have an enduringvalue which spans the generations.

i myself had cause to reflect this year, at westminster abbey, on my own pledge ofservice made in that great church on coronation day si_ty years earlier.

the anniversary reminded me of the remarkable changes that have occurred since thecoronation, many of them for the better; and of the things that have remained constant, suchas the importance of family, friendship and good neighbourliness.

but reflection is not just about looking back. i and many others are looking forward to thecommonwealth games in glasgow ne_t year.

the baton relay left london in october and is now the other side of the world, on its wayacross seventy nations and territories before arriving in scotland ne_t summer. its journey is areminder that the commonwealth can offer us a fresh view of life.

my son charles summed this up at the recent meeting in sri lanka. he spoke of thecommonwealth’s “family ties” that are a source of encouragement to many. like any familythere can be differences of opinion. but however strongly they’re e_pressed they are heldwithin the common bond of friendship and shared e_periences.

here at home my own family is a little larger this christmas.

as so many of you will know, the arrival of a baby gives everyone the chance tocontemplate the future with renewed happiness and hope. for the new parents, life will neverbe quite the same again!

as with all who are christened, george was baptised into a joyful faith of christian dutyand service. after the christening, we gathered for the traditional photograph.

it was a happy occasion, bringing together four generations.

in the year ahead, i hope you will have time to pause for moments of quiet reflection. asthe man in the plaster cast discovered, the results can sometimes be surprising.

for christians, as for all people of faith, reflection, meditation and prayer help us torenew ourselves in god’s love, as we strive daily to become better people. the christmasmessage shows us that this love is for everyone. there is no one beyond its reach.

on the first christmas, in the fields above bethlehem, as they sat in the cold of nightwatching their resting sheep, the local shepherds must have had no shortage of time forreflection. suddenly all this was to change. these humble shepherds were the first to hearand ponder the wondrous news of the birth of christ - the first noel - the joy of which wecelebrate today.

i wish you all a very happy christmas.

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my lords and members of the house of commons.

my government will legislate in the interests of everyone in our country. it will adopt a onenation approach, helping working people get on, supporting aspiration, giving newopportunities to the most disadvantaged and bringing different parts of our country together.

my government will continue with its long-term plan to provide economic stability andsecurity at every stage of life. they will continue the work of bringing the public finances undercontrol and reducing the deficit, so britain lives within its means. measures will be introducedto raise the productive potential of the economy and increase living standards.

legislation will be brought forward to help achieve full employment and provide more peoplewith the security of a job. new duties will require my ministers to report annually on jobcreation and apprenticeships. measures will also be introduced to reduce regulation on smallbusinesses so they can create jobs.

legislation will be brought forward to ensure people working 30 hours a week on the nationalminimum wage do not pay income ta_, and to ensure there are no rises in income ta_ rates,value added ta_ or national insurance for the ne_t 5 years.

measures will be brought forward to help working people by greatly increasing the provision offree childcare.

legislation will be introduced to support home ownership and give housing associationtenants the chance to own their own home.

measures will be introduced to increase energy security and to control immigration. mygovernment will bring forward legislation to reform trade unions and to protect essentialpublic services against strikes.

to give new opportunities to the most disadvantaged, my government will e_pand thetroubled families programme and continue to reform welfare, with legislation encouragingemployment by capping benefits and requiring young people to earn or learn.

legislation will be brought forward to improve schools and give every child the best start in life,with new powers to take over failing and coasting schools and create more academies.

in england, my government will secure the future of the national health service byimplementing the national health service’s own 5 year plan, by increasing the health budget,integrating healthcare and social care, and ensuring the national health service works on a 7day basis. measures will be introduced to improve access to general practitioners and to mentalhealthcare.

measures will also be brought forward to secure the real value of the basic state pension, sothat more people live in dignity and security in retirement. measures will be brought forwardto increase the rights of victims of crime.

to bring different parts of our country together, my government will work to bring about abalanced economic recovery. legislation will be introduced to provide for the devolution ofpowers to cities with elected metro mayors, helping to build a northern powerhouse.

my government will continue to legislate for high-speed rail links between the different parts ofthe country.

my government will also bring forward legislation to secure a strong and lastingconstitutional settlement, devolving wide-ranging powers to scotland and wales. legislationwill be taken forward giving effect to the stormont house agreement in northern ireland.

my government will continue to work in cooperation with the devolved administrations on thebasis of mutual respect.

my government will bring forward changes to the standing orders of the house of commons.these changes will create fairer procedures to ensure that decisions affecting england, orengland and wales, can be taken only with the consent of the majority of members ofparliament representing constituencies in those parts of our united kingdom.

my government will renegotiate the united kingdom’s relationship with the european union andpursue reform of the european union for the benefit of all member states.

alongside this, early legislation will be introduced to provide for an in-out referendum onmembership of the european union before the end of 2024.

measures will also be brought forward to promote social cohesion and protect people bytackling e_tremism. new legislation will modernise the law on communications data, improvethe law on policing and criminal justice, and ban the new generation of psychoactive drugs.

my government will bring forward proposals for a british bill of rights.

members of the house of commons.

estimates for the public services will be laid before you.

my lords and members of the house of commons

my government will continue to play a leading role in global affairs, using its presence all overthe world to re-engage with and tackle the major international security, economic andhumanitarian challenges.

my ministers will remain at the forefront of the nato alliance and of international efforts todegrade and ultimately defeat terrorism in the middle east.

the united kingdom will continue to seek a political settlement in syria, and will offer furthersupport to the iraqi government’s programme for political reform and national reconciliation.

my government will maintain pressure on russia to respect the territorial integrity andsovereignty of ukraine, and will insist on the full implementation of the minsk agreements.

my government looks forward to an enhanced partnership with india and china.

prince philip and i look forward to our state visit to germany ne_t month and to our state visitto malta in november, alongside the commonwealth heads of government meeting. we alsolook forward to welcoming his e_cellency the president of the people’s republic of china andmadame peng on a state visit in october.

my government will seek effective global collaboration to sustain economic recovery andto combat climate change, including at the climate change conference in paris later this year.

my government will undertake a full strategic defence and security review, and do whatever isnecessary to ensure that our courageous armed forces can keep britain safe.

my government will work to reduce the threat from nuclear weapons, cyber attacks andterrorism.

other measures will be laid before you.

my lords and members of the house of commons

i pray that the blessing of almighty god may rest upon your counsels.


my lords and members of the house of commons,my governments legislative programme will continue to deliver on its long-term plan to buil